Franklin Truck and Trailer Service, Inc.
33241 Lee's Mill Road, Franklin, VA 23851            Phone (757) 562-3471        Fax (757) 562-7638

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Franklin Truck and Trailer Service, Inc. is a family owned business that operates an eight bay (7,500 square foot) service/maintenance facility.  We have 34 years of experience specializing

in commercial truck and trailer repair, as well as industrial, contractor and yard jockey equipment. 


In addition to normal maintenance and repair to commercial equipment, we also offer "specialty work" for yard jockey tractors (Ottawa, Capacity, etc.) that includes service, parts and maintenance

of these special units. 


Our technicians and fully equipped roadside assistance vehicles are available 24 hours per day.


We are located at 33241 Lee's Mill Road (Hwy. 616) near the intersection of

Hwy.58 Business and Rt. 258

Franklin, Virginia.


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